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Sometimes the astigmatism can be controlled by the corrective lenses in the form of glasses and contact lenses. Then there are times when there is a call for Lasik surgery which can be highly advantageous to the individual. However, it really depends on the eye surgeon if the Lasik is the right course to take for sometimes these surgeons would not recommend it at all.

Who can be the good candidate?

Lasik surgery has a very good track record and can improve the vision if there is a moderate degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The outcome depends on how well the evaluation is of the eyes before the surgery.

Risks that can disqualify the candidate from Lasik surgery

There is always a risk from any form of surgery and Lasik surgery, despite its good track record, can be risky if the individual has the following:

  • An immune system disease which can be detrimental to the healing after the surgery. The complications can make the individual lose their eyes instead of gaining good vision. Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, immunodeficiency disease like HIV or if the individual is taking some form of immunosuppressive drugs with can increase the poor outcome after the surgery.
  • There is persistence in the dryness of the eyes which can be caused by an autoimmune disease like Sjorgen’s syndrome.
  • There are extreme curvatures to the corneal surface or an abnormally shaped cornea, and in others, the very deep set eyes can all be a challenge to the eye surgeon or simply make it impossible to perform the surgery.
  • Then there is the quality of vision. If it is unstable, continually fluctuating or getting worse, then there is no chance the Lasik surgery will work. Find more infor on laser surgery in washington .

Rethinking Lasik surgery

There are also instances wherein the candidate for the surgery passes all tests but has to re-evaluate the decision to have one.

  • If the surgery can jeopardize the career of someone who needs precise vision.
  • If the cost is too expensive and the insurance coverage does not include it
  • If there is severe nearsightedness
  • If the eyes have large pupils which can open wide in dim light. The surgery may just ruin the ability of the eyes to protect itself from glares, halos, star bursts or even ghost images.
  • If the individual does some contact sports like boxing, football, baseball. In these cases, Lasik is highly inadvisable.

Asian Eye Surgery

Using Asian Eye Surgery for Enhancing Their Looks

Asian eye surgery is mostly used by East Asian people to enhance their looks as they naturally have small and narrow eyes along with single eyelid. So the people who love to have bigger and beautiful eyes normally use surgical processes to enhance the beauty of their eyes as even the Asian cartoon characters have big and beautiful eyes. You can places to have laser surgery in boston .

 Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lift

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Instant Eye Lift

Why do Asian Get an Eye Surgery?
Since the East Asian people came to know that they can make their eyes big and beautiful through eye surgeries they are using various surgical processes for this purpose. Big eye surgery or eye enlargement surgery are the main processes that are used by the East Asians for transforming their eyes from small to big doll like eyes.

Big eye surgery is used by the professional eye surgeons in South Korea that is famously known as Asian eye surgery that is used to change the shape of their eyes. This surgical process is widely used by the girls from Korea, Indonesia, china, Thailand etc. Big eye surgery had given beautiful and impressive look to a number of girls in this region.

Methods of big eye surgery

Big eye surgery or eye enlargement surgery is done by mostly two methods, direct method and indirect method. Need to Reach Us! Here!

1-Direct method of big eye surgery involves the cutting and sewing at the beginning and end of the eyelids to make them look bigger which also widens the area of revealing the eye ball. Only one cut at the beginning of eyelid can provide only big eye but if your want long and slender eyes then cuts on both the ends of the eyelids have to be done which help in making the eyes horizontally long.

Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator

Eye Secrets Lash Accelerator

2-Indirect method of big eye surgery does not involve any cutting of the eyelid ends but eyelids are doubled in this process by making the eyelids thicker. This Asian eye surgery process make the eyes look bigger by thicken the layer of eyelids. But this method is suitable for the people who have single eyelid with no fats on upper eyelid which may cause drooping in them. This process in mainly used by Chinese girls. This process of making the eyes big also allows them to decorate their eyes with artificial eyelashes and even contact lenses to give them a doll like look. Need to Know More on Us! Go Here…..